The Potential is Unlimited

A token created for the investors, by the investors.

502 Bad Gateway Token (Z502) is a community token created to protect all those who are invested in crypto-currency.


502 Bad Gateway

Have you ever come across this phrase?

Many of us in the crypto space have seen this phrase on more than one occasion.

It means that the server you are trying to access is offline.
Given that seconds and minutes during a crypto-currency trade can mean huge gains or losses, we see this phrase come up far too frequently.

502 Bad Gateway ERROR

502 Bad Gateway Token (Z502)

502 Bad Gateway Token (Z502) is a community token created to protect all those who are invested in crypto-currency.

If and when an investor falls victim to an exchange being down, Z502 tokens will be distributed in order to compensate their losses, acting as a safety net.
Added to this, 502 Bad Gateway Token holders will receive valuable crypto-related information on a regular basis to complement their investment decisions.

A token created for the investors, by the investors.

By actively hosting events and reaching out to the 502 Bad Gateway Token holders, we aim to expand and improve our community. The possibilities are limitless.


the benefits of “502 Bad Gateway Token”


502 Bad Gateway Tokens will be distributed in an event of an unforeseen incident related to exchange malfunctions/misbehavior


502 Bad Gateway Tokens will be actively monitoring and putting pressure on crypto-exchanges to improve trading/investing experiences.


We aim to form an international community of crypto-investors.
The value of the token is expected to rise as holders benefit from unique and rapid crypto related information.
Token supply distribution.

Z502 DeFi Platform「D502」

We are aiming to be the comprehensive platform for DeFi.
We will start from ERC 20 and will be compatible with variety of platforms.

phase 1

Start up both DEX and staking, and will launch a token

phase 2

Generate highest return to users by utilizing lending services and automatically allocating assets to the highest yielding fixed income opportunities.

phase 3

Can start borrowing crypto currency. Will focus on B2B.

Although DeFi is a safe and clean industry,accident rarely occurs.If any cases that is unpredictable happens, for the purpose of protecting investors, tokens will be airdropped.

Z502 swap
/ Watches for sale /

Time is vitally important when trading/investing in crypto.

Unlike the traditional stock market, crypto-markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Therefore one can argue that “time” is the most important factor for investors.
Every second of every minute is important.

We are therefore, going to sell high quality watches to our investors. 502 Bad Gateway Token will eventually become a large watch brand.

We have all experienced losses due to servers being down during an important trade.
We started this project because we wanted to help all those fellow traders and investors who have lost money from unforeseen incidents.

There is no hierarchy between the community members and the developing team. We are all on the same side, working together as an entitiy.

Value will follow the community strength. New ideas can arise as the community grows. There is no limit on the variety of ideas and use cases that can arise from the community. Therefore the potential value of the token is infinite.
502 Bad Gateway Token will find use cases across country borders as the project becomes bigger and better.

Watches for sale

502 Bad Gateway Token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum platform.
Total supply will be 50.2billion tokens.

TOKEN Details

  • Token name:502 BAD GATEWAY TOKEN
  • Token symble:Z502
  • Total supply: 50,200,000,000

Token assignment

  • Investor supply : 30 billion
  • Marketing : 2 billion
  • Tokens reserved for compensatory airdrops : 10.2 billion
  • Develop Team: 8 billion
Opening of a market where 502 Bad Gateway Tokens can be used to pay for goods.